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Bio Factor X - Anti-Aging & Wellness

Umbilical Cord - MSCs Mesenchymal Stem Cells for the Anti-aging & Wellness

What are MSCs?

Why MSCs and how does it work?

How MSCs Anti-aging & Wellness Program Works?

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Myers' Cocktails

Dr. John Myers was a medical doctor in Baltimore who was well liked by his patients for his use of IV vitamin therapy.

History of IV vitamin therapy

Why is IV vitamin therapy so awesome?

Which conditions can IV therapy help?

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Ulthera-Lift HIFU Facial Treatment

Ulthera-Lift HIFU is a great alternative for those not ready for surgery or for patients looking to extend the effects of cosmetic surgery.

What is an HIFU Procedure?

A Safe, Effective, Non-Invasive and Long Lasting Treatment

How many treatments will I need?

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BB-PEEL Principle

Biosilic needle in 250 micron penetrates into keratinocyte and generates inflammation to remove skin trouble.

BB-PEEL Features

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Hyaluronic Acid (HA Treatment)

Hyaluronic Acid is an excellent volumiser used for remodelling the cheeks, lips and contours of the face, thus restoring all its energy and vitality.

What is Hyaluronic Acid Fillers?

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Are there any alternatives?

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Botox is a drug made from a neurotoxin produced by the Bacterium Clostridium Botulinum called Botulinum Toxin. It is injected to treat certain muscular conditions and cosmetically remove wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing muscles.

Benefits if Botox?

Benefits and Side Effects

If you decide to give it a try

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